Five Degrees Off Normal: Episode 24 (Strangest Rage Release Valve. Thanks YouTube)

Tee’s DDOP episode “Writers Rage” really got me thinking.  Aside from the fact he’s incredibly eloquent and creative.

To quiet my rage, what do I do?  It took me a bit to figure it out and I was kind of surprised what I go to.

Here’s links that I promised you in the podcast

Oxhorn’s Fallout 4 Lore Series, VaatiVidya’s Dark Souls Prepare to Cry Lore Series, EpicNameBro’s Playlists.  Mostly for From Software games They’re awesome..ShoddyCast “The Storyteller” Fallout lore series

Last but not least
The intro music is all thanks to Prism Shard. Prism Shard gives ya eargasms 🙂

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