4 thoughts on “Five Degrees Off Normal: Episode 4 (Hiding In the Shadows of Giants)”

  1. Joules, I think your DM was a dick for telling you that you don’t deserve to get xp because you don’t do anything. No one in a D&D games does anything by themselves. No one player kills the dragon, no one player can clear the dungeon by themselves. Everyone contributes, and everyone succeeds together. I went to a group XP for my D&D games for this exact reason.

    Second, the GM is responsible to make sure that everyone gets ‘face time’ — everyone deserves to have a chance to shine and do things that their characters are good at. My wife is an introvert, and doesn’t like to be put on the spot, but if I ask her a question and let her think about it for a few minutes before I come back to her, she’ll rock it with her answer.

    Thirdly, it doesn’t matter what your understanding of Shadowrun is- you should speak up and ask questions. Bull or Rusty might know the sixth world inside and out, but does everyone listening/watching? You can be the voice of the new players- people experiencing this world for the first time. And when you ask questions like that, it might help those giants remember details about the world, too. Nobody can know everything, we all have blind spots.

    Lastly, can I request Moonlight Sonata? It’s my favorite.

    1. Wait, you like moonlight sonata? Really?! 😃 🤗 That one is on my “things to learn” list. I love, absolutely love Beethoven and Chopin. It’s gonna take a bit due to some melodic emphasis but heck yes!! I will start working to master it :).

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