Five Degrees Off Normal: Episode 41 (Brain-glitch, the Rig, and the Ponies)

Well I had some great ideas. Fantastic ideas.
And I sit to record them and I go absolutely blank!

So I decided to kind of ramble on about that.

Then I decided to talk about something more interesting, my new desktop!

Then I mention that I’m going to be on the coolest Twitch Live Stream this Friday, December 8th at 9pm Eastern time.  My Little Pony, Tales of Equestria

Be a friend, and join us won’t you?  It’s looking to be freaking awesome

I do have a facebook page. Here’s a link to it.

And I also have a twitter account!  You can find me @JoulesPodcaster

The intro music is all thanks to Prism Shard. Send em some holiday cheer. And cookies!


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